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No Cost Service

An effective service which enables business owners to manage their business without the time and hassle of collecting bad checks.

The National Leader in Automatic Check Recovery

Money Transfer Systems Inc. recovers over $60 million on behalf of our clients each year!

Effective Check Recovery to maximize your profitability.

checXchange™ provides merchants with an automatic and effective service which enables them to manage their business without the time and hassle of collecting bad checks. We use our highly specialized and strategic presentment system, to initiate the collection process automatically. All successfully collected checks are reimbursed weekly to the merchant at 100% of the face value of the returned check.

Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

I feel great accepting checks today, before I had the checXchange service I had to chase down my check writers. Now I have more time to focus on my business!

Joel Herman

EnviroMaster, Charlotte, NC

We have always accepted checks, we would rather not have cash in our offices & money orders are sent back for fraud nowadays. Before we had checXchange, our managers would have to run down our check writers.  Having a company take the confrontational aspect away from our day to day business is definitely working for us!

Gerri Navarro

Village West, Aurora, IL

The ease of collection that checXchange offers is so convenient for our business. When they receive a check, they email you the name & amount so you are kept in the loop. Plus, their online reporting is very easy to navigate!

Lynn Dawson

Noonan Limited Partnership, Frankfort, IL

Before we had checXchange we were spending personal time pursuing our bad checks. It’s a wonderful add-on service for our Credit Union, letting a specialized recovery company collect our checks is a huge benefit for our business!

Dennis Fisher

First Security Credit Union, Lincolnwood, IL

I used to have to write off my uncollected checks or waste time and money on tracking down the check writers, not anymore! The comfort in knowing that checXchange can turn my bad checks into money is priceless!

Dawn Baugh

Magic Photographers, Inc., Mason, OH

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